Yota YotaPhone 2

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Malarie Gokey (digitaltrends.com)

YotaPhone 2 review


The YotaPhone 2's extra e-paper screen is useful and awesome, but it's price is high at $500 (without a contract).

Innovation is exciting, and when the YotaPhone 2 first came out, it was positioned as a high-end smartphone that had a little something extra to compete with the big boys. Now that it’s finally reached America, it’s a mid-range device with a cool...

Jun 2015

Ekspertanmeldelse af : GSMArena team (gsmarena.com)

YotaPhone 2 review: Choose a side


It may look like the YotaPhone 2 has lost the element of surprise but the sequel is actually trying to please the users the original wowed - and get a bigger crowd interested. The first generation was unexpected and fascinating but high price and low...

5.0" 16M-color 1080p AMOLED touchscreen, 442ppi ; Always-on 4.7" 16-level grayscale e-Ink display (540 x 960 px, 235ppi) ; Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on both screens ; Android OS v4.4.3 KitKat with Yota Apps ; Quad-core Krait 400 CPU at 2.3GHz, 2GB of...

No high-end video recording (either 4K @ 30fps or FullHD @ 60fps) ; No microSD card slot or higher storage capacity option available ; Always resting on a screen regardless how you put it down and double the chance of breaking a screen if you drop it

We approached the YotaPhone 2 as the niche device we thought it was. By the time we reached the end of this review, we were ready to rethink. It's an odd-ball of a device by all means, but its second screen opens the door to a whole new world of...

Jan 2015

Ekspertanmeldelse af (engadget.com)

YotaPhone 2 review: niche and expensive, but seriously cool


The YotaPhone 2 is a stark upgrade over its predecessor, with bigger, better displays wrapped in a much sleeker package. Most importantly, the secondary E Ink screen is actually useful this time around. It has its flaws, of course, is very expensive...

Dual-screened engineering marvel ; E Ink screen is legitimately useful ; Gorgeous primary AMOLED display ; Top-tier performance ; Cool points aplenty

Very expensive ; Limited mainstream appeal ; Mediocre camera ; Yota's software still needs work ; Uncomfortable to hold the 'other' way around

Dec 2014

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Evan Kypreos (trustedreviews.com)

YotaPhone 2


More screens than you'll know what to do with

Great AMOLED front screen ; Ergonomic design ; Clever battery-saving features

Rear screen not backlit ; Slow camera ; Pricey

Two small speaker grilles flank the micro-USB port at the bottom of the YotaPhone 2. The speakers are both loud and clear enough to make them useful for watching the odd movie without the need of using the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the phone....

Dec 2014

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Vlad Savov (theverge.com)

YotaPhone 2 review


What would it take to get you to put down the iPhone and switch to an Android alternative as your main smartphone? It's the question that every Android phone maker obsesses over, and the typical...

It's an e-reader spliced with a phone and it works ; Frictionless personalization ; Growing library of truly useful E Ink apps

Lackluster performance ; Unimpressive OLED display ; Average camera

Maj 2015

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Maurizio Pesce (wired.com)

Review: YotaPhone 2


This Russian-made mobile has a secondary E-Ink screen on the back. Using the e-paper display for text-based apps (surprisingly, many qualify) yields truly amazing battery...

A solid phone with a unique second e-paper screen. Battery life is way beyond every expectation. Reading books, documents and even social media messages on the electronic paper display leaves the eyes less fatigued. It’s like a mini Kindle, or like...

The “YotaPanels” and some of their options are tricky to manage. Camera isn’t great. Software is still buggy: reading a notification from the e-paper display doesn’t always clear it from the main notification bar. Traces of previous images stay...

Dec 2014

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Andrew Hoyle (cnet.com)

YotaPhone 2 review


Making your phone stand out in an increasingly crowded world of similar products isn't easy. You can cram a laser into the camera, try curving the display round the edge like the phone's melting, or, in the case of YotaPhone, slap a second display on...

The YotaPhone 2's rear e-ink display lets you read e-books for long periods without draining much battery -- a feature no other phone has. It has decent all-round specs and a good front screen too.

Its high price puts it among the top-end phones, which it fails to justify. The e-ink screen suffers from ghosting issues, the software for customising it isn't particularly easy to use, the camera doesn't impress and there's no expandable storage.

Although the YotaPhone 2's e-ink display is wonderfully novel, and can result in much better battery life, the phone needs to be considerably cheaper if it's going to be a sensible purchase over other Android phones.

Dec 2014

Ekspertanmeldelse af (t3.com)

YotaPhone 2 review: Hands-on


The YotaPhone 2 Android smartphone sports two screens

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Avram Piltch (laptopmag.com)

YotaPhone 2 Review


Innovative second display; Quick alerts when phone is facedown; Sharp primary display

Primary display has mediocre endurance; Last year's CPU; No LTE option yet; Pricey

The YotaPhone 2 is an innovative dual-sided phone that lets you do all sorts of things with its power-sipping e-paper screen, but it's a very expensive combo.

Jan 2015

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Mike Lowe (pocket-lint.com)

YotaPhone 2 review: Dual-screen phone will split the crowd


The idea of a dual-screen smartphone might sound as useful as a sixth toe, and when Russian company YotaPhone launched its device of the same name it didn't make us realise what we were missing. Design quirks, usage irks - it just didn't formulate into...

Much better design than original YotaPhone, smooth Android operation, interesting use of E Ink to mirror Android for access to all apps, E Ink good for reading and at-a-glance notifications

Software bugs can cause ghosting issues with E Ink screen, hardware chipset not latest which is at odds with the price (costs more than a Moto X plus separate eBook reader), no microSD slot

Despite warming to the YotaPhone 2 over our four days of use, we're still on the fence about it. Yes, it's a jump forward compared to the original and we can see genuine use from that second screen and we're not going to cry "gimmick" like we thought...

Dec 2014