MadCatz Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel (PSP)

MadCatz Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel (PSP)
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Jul 2015

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MadCatz Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel


The Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel employs the same basic design that MadCatz's past wheels, such as the Universal MC2, have used, with a black-and-off-white Xbox 360 color scheme. Just about every button from the standard Xbox 360 controller is on the...

The wheel's tried-and-true ergonomics make it a great, comfortable wheel for use with certain games, such as Project Gotham Racing 3

The wheel doesn't work with all Xbox 360 driving games and is too sensitive to use with others. There's no button-mapping option, which would've made compatibility with other control schemes easier. And while the wheel connects via USB, it's not PC...

If you're a Project Gotham Racing 3 junkie, the Xbox 360 MC2 Racing Wheel is a decent option to give you an edge, but it does have a few serious issues.

Jul 2006

Brugeranmeldelse af: crazyman707 (

Very stylish and decent driving experience.


Fairly enjoyable for any racer. Definitely no the best, but fair for the style and medium performance. O.k. for the price I paid for,$100.

I love the color schemes and the steering wheel has nice grip. Great for a select few racing games like Split second, PGR, Forza Motorsport 3, Blur

It isn't computer compatible, the shifter isn't a 6-speed but a forward and backward, and no clutch, how sad is that

Aug 2011

Brugeranmeldelse af: mgman11 (

Mad Catz Xbox360 Wheel


Mad Catz should had taken design ideas from Logitech and Microsoft and built desk/table clamps into this wheel. The suction cups don't stick to anything and the thigh clamps put the steering wheel in a very awkward and unnatural position. The foot...

It looks great and the steering wheel and shifter have a very nice feel. Affordable

3 Suction cups will not stick to anything. Despite multiple contacts on the peddals, the pedals slide all over the place. I tried it on hard wood, on carpet, on a towel. Doesn't help

Aug 2011

Brugeranmeldelse af: revel8or (

Not worth the money.


This was an extreme disappointment. This is a 70 dollar wheel (now available on e*bay for 20 NIB) that doesn't function. It's almost like false advertising - when you purchase a product that has a specific use, then the consumer should be able to use...

Fully compatible with one 360 game

Incompatibility with most games defeats the purpose of a driving wheel, doesn't it

Aug 2011

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