MLB 15: The Show (PS4)

MLB 15: The Show (PS4)
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Feb 2018

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Ekspertanmeldelse af: Ben Reeves (

Tower of Guns


The first-person shooter genre has evolved into a diverse web that includes everything from open-world titles to methodical puzzle games. That’s a far cry from the shooters of the ‘90s, which were linear journeys where players strafed enemy...

Apr 2015

Ekspertanmeldelse af: Ben Dutka (

MLB 15: The Show Review


It's time once again for baseball and as usual, Sony has anted up with their annual simulator. MLB 15: The Show was purported to faithfully represent our national pastime better than any previous entry but while improvements have been made, I was...

The Ugly: “It’s only ugly if you’re unprepared and ill-equipped for the learning curve.”

Apr 2015

Ekspertanmeldelse af: (

MLB 15 The Show Review (PS4)


MLB 15 The Show has the look, sound and feel of baseball. The Show doesn't do many things great -- part of SCEA's "if it's not broken, don't fix it" unwillingness to take big risks -- but it does just about everything really well. And in a world where...

Brugeranmeldelse af: markwalz84 (

awesome game


Love the franchise mode for single player. Online Is very stable.

Maj 2015

Brugeranmeldelse af: Zach (

Loved it!


Loved the game! Graphics were great! Had a fantastic time playing.

Maj 2015

Brugeranmeldelse af: Stumpy (

Epic graphics


People walking into the room will think your watching a real game! Tons of different setting and ways you can play the game. Must buy!

Maj 2015

Brugeranmeldelse af: Stacy (

Husband enjoys this game


My husband has been enjoying this game over the last few weeks.

Maj 2015

Brugeranmeldelse af: Techie (

Love this game!!


I play this game for hours. It's so much fun!! I would recommend this game hands down.

Maj 2015

Brugeranmeldelse af: Mikkel (

Great game for a baseball fan


Great sports game to play alone or with friends, enjoy different options and love the frequent updates.

Maj 2015

Brugeranmeldelse af: Josh (

Great game with great graphics


Good for beginners or veterans of the game of baseball. Gameplay and game modes are great love road to the show game mode.

Maj 2015