Tetris Axis- N3DS

Tetris Axis- N3DS
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Sep 2018

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Chris Buffa (modojo.com)

Tetris Nintendo 3DS Review


Near perfect port of the Game Boy classic, catchy music, addictive play

No two-player mode, doesn't compare to modern Tetris games

Nintendo's Game Boy debuted alongside a phenomenal version of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov's iconic puzzle game. It was so addictive that consumers who never played games before (moms, grandparents) were instantly hooked and purchased systems. Suffice to...

Dec 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Jenni (siliconera.com)

Tetris Axis Playtest: More Falling Tetrominoes


The featured mode section is the one everyone is going to rely on and continually visit. This is where Tetris Axis has stowed the classic and basic Tetris modes we now and love.

You can change the clothes your Mii is wearing and the dance he/she is doing in the options menu. (I opted for the kitty ears.)

Okt 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Zachary Miller (nintendoworldreport.com)

Tetris: Axis


Unnecessarily filled with variety.

Lots of multiplayer options ; Marathon, Fever, and Fit modes ; Remixes of old Tetris tunes

3D adds nothing to most game modes ; Every other mode feels forced ; Versus power-ups are distracting

checks amazon receipt* Huh, well it's alright then at $30. Must've been thinking about Bit.Trip.

Okt 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Nathan Meunier, GameSpot (gamespot.co.uk)

Tetris Axis


Tetris Axis delivers classic gameplay with lots of modes and options, but most of it is very familiar.

Okt 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Nathan Meunier (gamespot.com)

Tetris Axis Review


Tetris Axis delivers classic gameplay with lots of modes and options, but most of it is very familiar.

Tons of play modes ; Good multiplayer options ; Fever mode is a lot of fun

Too much recycled content from past games ; Presentation is bland

Okt 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Chris Buffa (modojo.com)

Tetris: Axis Nintendo 3DS Review


Over 20 modes, smart AR integration, Miis, local/online multiplayer, classic Tetris theme music, world rankings

Will probably not have the same impact as 1989 Tetris

There's an unwritten rule that says every Nintendo handheld needs to feature Tetris in some fashion. It's a tradition that began in 1989 with the original launch game right up to the DS; Tetris DS, we love you.

Sep 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af (gaming-age.com)

Tetris: Axis


Hey, it's Tetris!

Finally, you've got the online modes, or versus side of Tetris Axis. You can opt to play locally, either with other Tetris Axis owners or through the download play function. And then you can also play online, against friends or random internet players....

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Scott Alan Marriott (allgame.com)

Tetris Axis


The most famous puzzle game in video game history makes its 3DS debut with Tetris Axis. Over 20 variants on the shape-stacking game are included, from

Ekspertanmeldelse af (allgame.com)

Tetris [Virtual Console]


Ekspertanmeldelse af : Alain Jollat (games.ch)



Schon beinahe eine halbe Ewigkeit ist es her, als ich das erste Mal mit "Tetris" in Kontakt gekommen bin. Anno dazumal noch in vier Graustufen auf dem Ur-Game-Boy. Die Zeiten haben sich geändert – und so gibt's die Tetris-Steine nicht nur in bunt,...

Viele Spielmodi ; Lustige AR-Effekte

Einige Spielmodi qualitativ nicht sehr hoch

Wenn ich ehrlich bin, dann hat "Tetris" für mich seinen Sucht erzeugenden Reiz irgendwo zwischen den 90-er Jahren mit seinen vier Graustufen und den Link-Kabel-Matchen und heute verloren. Vielleicht wird man in all den Jahren immun gegen die...

Jan 2012