Fairphone 2

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præstation, brugervenlighed, design, GPS navigation, pålidelighed

pris, kamera, skærm, kvalitet, bærbar

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Manuel Masiero (notebookcheck.net)

Fairphone 2 Smartphone Review


Good conscience. Fairphone's 2 promotes fair labor conditions and sustainability rather than exploitation and waste. With its unique, to the smartphone world, modular design that easily allows replacing components, the 5-inch Android takes a different...

fair production conditions ; module design ; dual-SIM + micro-SD ; bright Full HD panel ; high system speed ; LTE

high price ; Android 5.1 only ; bulky casing ; no NFC ; screen flickering ; charger not included ; throttles during load ; weak battery

High standards have been set: Raw materials from sources aware of their responsibility rather than financed by warlords, fair wages and worker's representatives rather than exploitation, fair labor conditions rather than sweatshops, and recycling...

Nov 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af : David Nield (techradar.com)

Fairphone 2 review


The smartphone with an ethical ethos and a modular design

Ethically sourced materials ; Easy to repair for most users ; Eye-catching exposed design

Average camera performance ; Battery is hit and miss ; High up-front cost

The Fairphone 2 wants to change the way smartphones are thought about, manufactured and repaired, from ethical sourcing to easy repairing. They're noble ambitions but we'll have to wait for the Fairphone 3 for a truly compelling handset.

Feb 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Joe Roberts (trustedreviews.com)

Fairphone 2


Aiming to inject some much-needed environmental awareness into the smartphone market, Dutch startup Fairphone debuted its first smartphone in 2013. 60,000 people bought the original handset, and three years on, the company has introduced its Fairphone...

Apr 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af : James Vincent (theverge.com)

Fairphone 2 review


The first thing that greets your eyes when you open the packaging of the Fairphone 2 is a simple message: "Yours to open, yours to keep." For added emphasis, these words are printed on the inside...

Easy to repair and (potentially) upgrade ; Supports ethically-conscious electronics ; A unique prospect in the market

Bulky compared to flagship smartphones ; Bad camera and lackluster performances ; Expensive based on specs alone

Apr 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af (stuff.tv)

Fairphone 2 review


Is this smartphone a match for its own angelic ethics?

Ethically made ; Innovative modular design ; Decent screen

Built like a brick ; Uses last year's components

By far the best smartphone for your conscience

Mar 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Maurizio Pesce (wired.com)

Review: Fairphone 2


You know how things usually happen: You look away for one second, or get distracted, send your phone hurling to the floor, and watch it smash. If this has happened to you, then you also know the temptation of using non-official replacement parts to cut...

Made with conflict-free minerals. First modular phone to ship, and first 10/10 rated phone on iFixit. Made to last, offers replacement parts at a reasonable price

Unattractive design with matte cover: pick it in transparent or translucent colors. Poor choice of camera, outdated 32-bit processor. Kinda bulky. Kinda pricey

Unfortunately, Fairphone OS is based on the outdated Android 5.1 Lollipop instead of Marshmallow. But since this phone is an open platform, the Jolla community is currently working on Sailfish OS for the Fairphone 2, exploiting the advanced mode that...

Feb 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af (test.de)

Fairphone 2


Das Fairphone 2 ist ein Android-Smartphone mit einem großen, sehr hoch­auflösenden Display. Das Gerät ist sehr gut zum Surfen geeignet. Die Kamera ist schwach. Bei wenig Licht macht sie nur ausreichende Fotos. Auch die Selfies der Frontkamera...

Qualitäts­urteil: ausreichend (3,7) ; Telefon: befriedigend (3,0) ; Internet und PC: gut (2,3) ; Kamera: ausreichend (3,6) ; GPS und Navigation: gut (2,4) ; Musikspieler: befriedigend (3,3) 1 ; Hand­habung: gut (2,5) ; Stabilität: gut (1,8) ; Akku:...

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Manuel Masiero (notebookcheck.biz)

Courte critique du smartphone Fairphone 2


Bonne conscience. Le Fairphone 2 promeut des conditions de travail équitables et le développement durable plutôt que l'exploitation et le gaspillage. Une conception modulaire unique dans le monde des smartphones permet de remplacer ses composants...

conditions de production équitables ; conception modulaire ; dual SIM et microSD ; dalle Full HD lumineuse ; fonctionnement du système rapide ; LTE

prix élevé ; Android 5.1 seulement ; châssis encombrant ; pas de NFC ; scintillement de l'écran ; pas de chargeur inclus ; throttling sous charge élevée ; faible batterie

Un standard élevé a été choisi pour ce Fairphone 2 : matériaux de base provenant de sources conscientes de leurs responsabilités plutôt que de chefs de milice sanguinaires, salaires équitables et représentation syndicale plutôt qu'exploitation,...

Jan 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Manuel Masiero (notebookcheck.info)

Breve Análise do Smartphone Fairphone 2


Boa consciência. A Fairphone promove condições de trabalho justas e sustentabilidade em vez de exploração e desperdício. Com o seu design modular, exclusivo no mundo dos smartphones, que a fácil substituição de componentes, o Android de 5 polegadas...

Condições justas de produção ; Design modular ; dual-SIM + micro-SD ; Tela Full HD brilhante ; Alta velocidades do sistema ; LTE

Preço alto ; Apenas Android 5.1 ; Carcaça robusta ; Sem NFC ; Flickering da tela ; Carregador não incluído ; Afogamentos sob uso intenso ; Bateria fraca

Foram estabelecidos padrões elevados: Matérias-primas de fontes conscientes da sua responsabilidade, em vez de serem financiadas por senhores da guerra, salários justos e representantes dos trabalhadores em vez de exploração, condições de trabalho...

Dec 2016

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Manuel Masiero (notebookcheck.it)

Recensione breve dello Smartphone Fairphone 2


Di coscienza. Il Fairphone 2 promuove buone condizioni di lavoro e sostenibilità piuttosto che sfruttamento e rifiuti. Con il suo design unico, nel mondo smartphone, che consente una facile sostituzione dei componenti, questo 5" Android ha un approccio...

condizioni di produzione eque e solidali ; design ; dual-SIM + micro-SD ; luminoso pannello Full HD ; elevata velocità di sistema ; LTE

prezzo elevato ; solo Android 5.1 ; case ingombrante ; manca l'NFC ; flickering dello schermo ; caricatore non incluso ; throttling sotto carico ; batteria debole

Sono stati fissati standards elevati: materie prime provenienti da fonti responsabili e non finanziate dai signori della guerra, salari adeguati e rappresentanti dei lavoratori, condizioni di lavoro eque senza sfruttamento, e riciclo invece di utilizzo...

Dec 2016