Sonos Playbase

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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Ced Yuen (

Sonos Playbase


Sonos Playbase review: a space-saving and attractive sonic support for your TV. A great choice if you want to upgrade your living room's audio system.

Good looks, solid build ; Seamless app integration ; Sonos app is still be best remote app ever ; Responsive touch keys ; Can be expanded with extra speakers

No HDMI ; Expensive if you want to build a system

A convincing argument for throwing out your stereo.

Jun 2018

Ekspertanmeldelse af (

Sonos Playbase review: The only speaker your living room needs


As with most everything Sonos does, the Playbase is both excellent and expensive. But the combination of top-notch sound quality, versatility and simple setup makes it an extremely compelling speaker for the living room.

Clear, powerful audio regardless of whether you're watching a movie or listening to music ; Music streaming is a unique feature in the home theater speaker market. ; Simple setup ; Excellent industrial design ; Easy to convert to a wireless 5.1...

Expensive, particularly if you're building a 5.1 setup ; The lovely white finish scratches and scuffs easily ; Stereo separation isn't as good as you'll get with a true multi-speaker setup

As I noted earlier, the Playbase is an extremely compelling one-speaker option for the living room, particularly if you're a music fan. It's easy to set up and adds very little complexity to most TV rigs; not having to run lots of cords is a huge win...

Apr 2017

DT Editors' Choice

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Caleb Denison (

Sonos PlayBase review


The Sonos Playbase beats most soundbars at their own game, and sounds better doing it.

High-impact bass ; Wide sound field ; Great stereo effects ; Dead simple to use ; Add Sonos speakers for 5.1 system

Limited inputs/ relies on TV audio output quality

If you need something other than a soundbar or full-on component speaker system to improve your TV and movie-watching experience, the Sonos Playbase is an outstanding option. At $700 it is indeed expensive, but it sounds great, is easy to use, and it...

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Chris Welch (

Sonos Playbase review: an expensive TV speaker that's also good at music


When Sonos unveiled its $699 Playbase speaker last month, the company was pretty straightforward about why the product exists: most people don't mount their TV to the wall. That doesn't...

Easy setup ; Excellent, balanced sound ; Makes a great music speaker, too

Expensive ; Lacks DTS and HDMI connectivity ; No mics for our voice assistant future

Great sound, but a tough sell if you haven't already bought into Sonos

Apr 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af : What Hi-Fi? (

Sonos Playbase review


Sonos' simple, stylish soundbase doesn't quite reach perfection...

Impressively big, wide soundstage ; Solid, natural bass ; Stylishly minimalist and sturdy build ; Streams just about anything ; Can be part of multi-room and surround systems

Harsh treble detracts from sonic strengths ; Setup by the single optical input can be fiddly ; Lacks high-res audio support ; Won't work perfectly in all rooms

One of the simplest, most stylish and streamiest soundbases around, but the Sonos Playbase isn't flawless

Apr 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Will Greenwald (

Sonos Playbase


The Playbase is a powerful audio slab for your TV, with lots of streaming options and the ability to connect to other Sonos speakers throughout your home.

Excellent overall audio performance. Large sound field with very good directional imaging for movies. Lots of streaming media options through the Sonos app. Can be expanded to a true 5.1-channel surround system.

Lacks ultra-low frequency, subwoofer-like presence. Can only use other Sonos speakers for 5.1 setup. No Bluetooth.

The Sonos Playbase is a pricey but powerful one-piece sound system. It stands well on its own, offering better bass response than single soundbars can generally produce, even if it lacks much power in the ultra-low frequencies. It integrates directly...

Apr 2017

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Sonos PlayBase review


The PlayBar you can plonk your telly on

Amazingly big, wide sound for a box this compact ; Natural, punchy bass ; Does all of the great things any other Sonos speaker can ; Can be upgraded to a full 5.1 system

Treble is harsh, often annoyingly so ; Optical-only isn't very flexible - or even necessarily that simple ; Won't work perfectly in every room

One significant sonic flaw prevents the otherwise excellent SoundBase getting the full five stars

Apr 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Lewis Leong (

Sonos Playbase review


An all-in-one speaker and a handy TV stand all rolled together

Excellent sound quality ; Apartment-shaking bass ; Works flawlessly with other Sonos products ; Easy to set up and use

Optical-only connection ; Virtual surround sounds artificial ; TruePlay calibration for iOS only ; Expensive

The Sonos Playbase continues the company’s philosophy of making easy-to-use and good-sounding speakers in an attractive package. But, due to the lack of support for many surround sound formats, artificial sounding processing and ecosystem lock-in,...

Jul 2018

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Chris Davies (

Sonos PLAYBASE Review: A flat soundbar with big sound


Sonos is the first to admit it made a mistake. The PLAYBAR, its home entertainment-focused soundbar speaker, was an audio marvel back in 2013 when it was first announced, but the ergonomics didn't live up to the sound. Turns out, Sonos belatedly...

Big sound in a small package ; Beautiful build quality ; Easy setup ; Sounds just as good with music as TV audio

Expensive, especially for a surround system ; Won't work with non-IR remotes ; No DTS or Dolby Atmos support

Apr 2017

Ekspertanmeldelse af (

Sonos Playbase review: The large soundbase is now cheaper


The big soundbase that delivers earth-shattering bass

Overall sound quality ; Multi-room functionality

Price ; Limited connectivity and no physical remote ; Physical size

If none of the above bother you, though, this is an excellent speaker that can stream pretty much anything – and is expandable to boot. If you have £700 to spare, it’s well worth considering.

Sep 2018