Sonic Colors (DS)

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gameplay, action, grafik, pris, handling


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Ekspertanmeldelse af : Eduardo (

Sonic Colors Review


If there is such a thing as “un-jumping the shark” Sonic the Hedgehog just might be doing it. Earlier this year, Sega released Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, which took the series back to its 2-D roots. Episode 1 was a good game, but it played it...

Sonic Colors was a blast to play and a portable dose of speedy Sonic fun. While the new color abilities do slow down the gameplay every so often, at its core Sonic Colors is about blasting through the levels as fast as you can. The game is...

Nov 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Mike Morgan (

Sonic Colors


OK, lets get this off the table. Sonic has had some very terrible games in recent memory. That doesn't mean that he hasn't had his highlights or good ideas, just he had hit a string of bad luck. Gun carrying Sonic was probably one of the worst, but...

Speed feels speedy on the DS ; Good gameplay change with Wisps power ; Graphics are nice

Can be too easy ; Not much in the multiplayer

Is this the best Sonic game? No. The best in a long time, perhaps but not the best. Even so it is a solid game with nice graphics and it doesn’t feel clunky on the wee lil DS system.

Jan 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Allison Bates (

Sonic Colors on Nintendo DS


Classic Sonic Speed, Shiny New Superpowers, and Soul-Sucking Boss Battles

If you’re looking for a Sonic the Hedgehog game to grace the screen of your DS, you could certainly do worse than Sonic Colors. An online racing mode is included, and while it runs wel, the difficulty of finding an opponent and the fact that the mode...

Jan 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Kirk Hiner (

Gamertell Review: Sonic Colors for DS


As far as video game mascots go, Sonic is at the very bottom of my list. I absolutely can't stand this thing. He's a pair of sunglasses and a backwards ballcap away from being a member of Chuck E. Cheese's band or a PSA character trying to convince...

Classic Sonic gameplay, decent graphics in cutscenes, creative levels, wisps greatly enhance the gameplay

Certain parts are needlessly difficult, Sonic himself is still amazingly annoying

Dec 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse af : KingWilly (

Sonic Colors


Straying off the main path

Level design is great and a return to form for Sonic

Levels can be blurred by the game speed at times

Most of the game is played in a similar vein to the original Sonic title I played all those years ago. The game is primarily a 2D side scrolling platformer with loads of hidden areas to find. Of course, being a Sonic game means that much of the...

Nov 2010


Ekspertanmeldelse af : Dany Argueta (neoseeker)

Sonic Colors (DS) Review


Sonic's third adventure on the DS stands well on its own and manages to surpass the Wii version in a few ways.

Like Sonic Team, Dimps played it smart by having Sonic Colors be solely about Sonic the Hedgehog. Gone are the tricks and bottomless pits from the Sonic Rush series, letting players just focus on Sonic's speed and platforming. Surprisingly, not only is...

Nov 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Jane Douglas (

Sonic Colors Review


A great portable Sonic game, with classic side-scrolling action, nifty new abilities, and a fun Versus mode.

Fast, classic side-scrolling action ; Fun special "wisp" abilities ; Great two-screen Versus mode

Too short ; By-the-numbers boss fights

Nov 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse af : Roberto Jiménez (

Sonic Colors


Regresa a los orígenes 2D del erizo más rápido del mundo

Un regreso al gameplay clásico de la serie. Los poderes y los colores le dan un toque novedoso

Presenta una una dificultad alta. Posee una curva de aprendizaje muy marcada. La historia es bastante pobre y casi inexistente

Sonic Colors para Nintendo DS es un título que busca llevar a los jugadores más veteranos de regreso a los tiempos en los que las aventuras de Sonic tenían lugar en escenarios 2D llenos de enemigos y peligros por esquivar; aunque también sirve para...